Medora in August

August 14 - 15, 2019

Judy's Leisure Tours

2-Day Tour | $340 ppd

The badlands of Western North Dakota is home to lot's of fabulous sites and with us you will get to see some spectacular stuff! From the majestic view on the Painted Canyon scenic overview to the toe tapping western variety show, Medora Musical, shown in the amazing outdoor Burning Hills Amphitheater. Throw in Pitchfork Fondue for dinner and you have a trip you will never forget!

This escorted tour includes motorcoach travel, luggage handling, 1 night accommodations, 1 breakfast, and 1 dinner.

Tour highlights include:

• Tour highlights include:
• Free time in Medora
• Pitchfork Fondue
• Medora Musical
• Painted Canyon Scenic Overlook